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In 2002 and 2003 we co-operated with iXPOS , the German Business Portal. For several countries or regions introduced by iXPOS as "Markt des Monats" (market of the month), we contributed an article on intercultural communication.

With "Markt des Monats", iXPOS offers the German business community carefully researched and easily accessible country-specific information and links. The topics range from foreign trade promotion to reports and data on the economic situation to addresses and contacts.

With these articles on intercultural communication relating to the featured country, we would like to add another important unit to the extensive information available to every iXPOS visitor. Especially for managers and specialists, knowledge and skills in intercultural communication have become an indispensable soft skill, with nowadays often decisive influence on the success or failure of an international assignment. Nonetheless, most people still lack even the fundamentals in intercultural communication. With this series of articles we would like to offer a source of information for everybody who would like to aquire basic, practice-oriented, country-specific knowledge and skills in this area.

In creating these articles we drew on our years of experience as consultants and trainers in the area of intercultural communication. Over ten years of experience as an engineer with a company active world-wide also guarantee the practical relevance of the articles.

Each article consists of two parts: the first part describes a key aspect, or an important concept which plays a major role in intercultural communication with respect to the featured country.

The second part is a "check list" which contains a number of specific issues which need to be kept in mind when communicating with colleagues and business partners from that country. Devided into things you should do, don't do, and be aware of, we provide the business traveller in particular with a concise tool which will make a difference already the first time it's applied. At the same time, we extend our own concept of the practical "toolkit" for intercultural communication with this check list, which is an important part of our activities, and which we pass on to the customers of our consulting work, as well as to the attendants of our seminars and workshops.

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