Recommended reading

Our customers and seminar participants often ask us for recommendations for books on intercultural communication.

We have therefore compiled a list of recommended readings, which we ourselves as trainers and consultants in the area of intercultural communication have used and found to be effective tools.

This list will be added to in the future; if you would like to be notified whenever new books are reviewed, simply subscribe to our mailing list.

(We also provide a longer list, suggested reading and bibliography on intercultural communication, which we created in connection with our teaching activities in international management.)

We have organized the reviewed books thematically into three categories:

Assigning a book to only one of these categories is not always easy; often a book's content covers more than one category. Simply browse all three categories!

We have used a rating system (1 to 5 stars) to help you determine a book's content and applicability for a particular purpose. Needless to say, our rating is a subjective one, and reflects its usefulness to us as trainers and consultants.

The links to the various Amazon sites enable you to retrieve further information about the book (availability, price, reader's comments, etc.). As long as a book is still in print, it can in most cases be ordered from Amazon. In some cases a book may not be available from all the Amazon dependencies in the various countries.

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