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The Delegation of German Industry & Commerce Shanghai  has invited Alexia Petersen to contribute a two-part feature article on the issues of intercultural communication in the global workplace for its magazine BusinessForum China . The two-part article, Trading Across Borders, Communicating Across Cultures, has been published in issues 6/06 and 1/07 of the magazine.

Issue 6/06:
Trading Across Borders, Communicating Across Cultures (Part 1)

Globalisation is a fact of life and, really, nothing new. Whether it's American fast food chains, Indian cashmere, or Chinese computers, the tastes of the global village have always mobilised the transfer of products, services, and know-how. Especially in the age of discount travel and information technology, we marvel almost from day to day at how small the global village is becoming. Indeed, this can be quite deceptive. As the cross-border and transcontinental movement of goods and people increasingly becomes the norm, cross-cultural interaction continues to be seen in mostly technical, organisational, and financial terms. Especially business professionals tend to overlook the fact that, while data and goods themselves are mostly neutral and cross borders relatively easily, the people who discuss and critique information over meetings and make decisions often are not.

Issue 1/07:
Trading Across Borders, Communicating Across Cultures (Part 2)

Business people need to learn to see through different cultural lenses. While we may not always be entirely aware of all the problems that can come out of left field, if one knows where to look, one begins to see the same basic recurrent cross-cultural issues at work, simply in different dress. In part 2 of this article on intercultural communication in the global workplace, we look at how profound differences impact the way in which cultures approach classic business scenarios, and how these clashes consistently crop up to throw business professionals for a loop.

About the magazine:

For the past ten years, BusinessForum China has been informing readers about the latest developments in business and the economy. BusinessForum China provides valuable analyses on various sectors of the Chinese market. It represents the combined experience and advice gathered by professionals in China and abroad: articles and interviews are provided by renowned experts and specialists.

The print edition of BusinessForum China is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on one industry or sector that is important for the international business community in China. Topics covered in this section in 2006 are: the Machine Tool Industry; Human Resources; eCommerce; the Textile Industry; Supply Chain Management; and the Chemical Industry.

The second part of the magazines consists of Columns and updates on a range of topics that are important for making decisions on international business strategies and how to succeed in China. This includes information on the most recent happenings in international trade, human resources, business culture, the environment, law and taxes, etc. All these articles focus on China and the Chinese market, as does the rest of the magazine and this website.

About the publisher:

The Delegations of German Industry & Commerce (AHK) and German Industry & Commerce Co. Ltd. (GIC) belong to the worldwide network of some 110 overseas German Chambers of Commerce, Delegations, Representative Offices and DIHK-Service Companies in more than 70 countries under the umbrella of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) in Berlin.

The offices and subsidiaries of AHK and GIC in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong support German companies to establish and extend their activities in China on a bilateral basis. In addition, GIC helps Chinese companies of our host country to develop their business in Germany.

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